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We Offer Educational Resources
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We offer tutorials and all sorts of educational resources for the manifestation of you skills to make you some money or if you just want to pick up something new!


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We are a company that helps from the heart & will put you in a position to make money with one of our bootcamps

Be on the look out for some of our camps that will take your comprehension to the next level!


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& Have Good Confidence About Your Skills

We value integrity and will help you out in each and evey way to combine the skills with the theory and technical skills.

Basically - it will be the what & why plus the how to!


The Principal Owner Has 16 Years of Experience

He holds a Master of Science in Information Technology with a focus in IT Security and Data Analytics. He also holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management.

He also holds two CIS associate degrees in Computer Programming and the other in Computer Support. Along with the 16 years of experience - he can help you get you front-end skills or whatever type of skills you want to upgrade. The prinicpal owner is also planning to pursue a Doctorate of Science in IT or Computer Science, second Master of Science in Cybersecurity and another degree in Computer & Electrical Engineering. This is all a five year forecast!